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Healthy Living Challenge:Day 2 – Hubby’s Energy Bars

Last night I got a lovely surprise. Went out to church to listen to the African’s Children Choir and came back to healthy sweets, made by hubby and Emma. They worked well as a team,as you will see in the pics below and the best bit is that I have now healthy things to munch on when I get a sweet tooth.

Today was good,I stayed right on target with my dieting and exercise.

I managed to get a walk with Emma for 45 minutes. It wasn’t sunny like yesterday but mild and just right for a relaxed walk with a little girl whose cough settled overnight, thank goodness!

In terms of eating I felt more hungry that yesterday (probably a psychological thing since Saturdays used to be our treat days) but I managed to stay good with my oat breakfast(with a sprinkling of cold-milled flaxseed, a couple of walnuts and a touch of chocolate powder). I felt ravenous after our walk so I had a nice lunch of baked potato, beans and beetroot and snacked on dates, one of hubby’s energy bars and celery sticks and hummus. Dinner will be lean turkey and steamed veggies.

What have I learned today? Mary, one of my lovely friends who’s an expert in nutrition and healthy living reminded me of  a couple of golden weight loss rules:

1. Drink a glass of lukewarm water and lemon first thing in the morning.

2. Exercise before breakfast, as it burns some of your stored fat.

3. Use good fats like coconut oil for cooking otherwise your body will go into starvation mood and hold on to the exisiting body fat instead of burning it during exercise and dieting.

Well this is all from me. Day 2 almost over, only 38 days to go of this challenge!

P.S. – if you find the energy bar idea appealing and want to give it a go, let me know. They are all natural and go at about 150 calories per bar. Plus they have a chocolate topping!!

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      • So, Ionela, there goes:
        300 grams oats
        150 grams mixed nuts(walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds…etc.)
        1 banana
        150 grams of good quality honey
        100 grams peanut butter
        100 grams protein(he used Gold Standard whey protein)
        Mix all ingredients well. Place in baking tray. Refrigerate.
        The following morning melt 200 grams of dark chocolate(he used the 81% one from Lidl) in bain marie. Cut your protein into bars then dunk them carefully in the melted chocolate. Voila!xx

  1. wow, what a treat , Oana! You are one lucky mummy! Enjoy! I love the photos with Emma. I have never made energy bars , but they look so good. keep it up , Oana! xxx

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