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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 3 – Salad Day

Day three has started well, I have waaaaay more energy than I used to have just a couple of days ago, so by 11 o’clock I had cleaned the house, did ALL my ironing and made two  yummy healthy salads!!

IMAG0748The first was a wild rocket, giant prawn and avocado salad. I was quite ravenous at 11, when I finished the housework and felt like having some protein so the prawns in the freezer came to mind. I added a drop(literally) of olive oil in a pan, a cube of frozen garlic and one of frozen chilli(Tesco does them and I find them amazingly handy and use them in almost everything) and threw the rinsed prawns in with a bit of salt and pepper. I left them long enough to change colour but no longer as they can easily overcook. Threw them on a bed of wild rocket and added some avocado, following the advice about good fat I received the other day. I found it delicious and I enjoyed the various textures put together, the crunchiness of the prawn, the bitterness of the wild rocket and the softness of the avocado.



IMAG0750For my second salad I got the inspiration from this amazing 10 Creative Quinoa Recipes from Health Celebrity Chefs which is free to download as a pdf file, by the way. I had cooked quinoa before but I found it soggy and bitter and never went back to it! But this time I used Mary Cleaver’s recipe in which you rinse the quinoa BEFORE you cook it(which makes more sense, as washing it after would wash any taste off) and boiling it with a shallot, some garlic, a bay leaf and of course, salt, in order to infuse it with flavour. Added raw veggies, some black beans, one tablespoon olive oil and a touch of lemon.

Divine lunch waiting for us!!


We’re heading out for a drive and a walk with some salad, lean turkey and hubby’s energy bars packed with us so we don’t give into culinary temptation :-).

This is day 3 of this health challenge, only 37 days to go!

Have a sunny day, wherever you are!



  1. Avocado is amazimg,wild rocket yum.Have you had tahini in a salad dressing? Just mix some with lemon juice and olive oil and it will add another dimention to your salad.I also find tahini very filling.Keep it up and well done so far.xxx

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