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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 13 – Celebration Day

As I told you before, I have this habit of weighing myself in the morning, first thing.

Well, almost first thing. Hmmm, how do I put this delicately in a blog post? What I mean by almost is I weigh myself after….ahem…my bowels empty…blush…I wouldn’t have mentioned this aspect, really but I think that when dieting this is one thing that needs to be very…regular. And I will tell you for why. You see, your body needs to start fresh every morning so to say but if your bowels don’t empty properly, due mainly to the consumption of processed wheat, in the form of bread, buns, cakes and the like then all you do is carry around…dead weight! Anyway, since I started my almost-no-wheat-but-plenty-of-fruit-and-veggies-diet, the dead weight has been shedding, so to say :-).

So from 71 kilograms(that is11st 2.5282lb, for you, metric lot!)  on Valentine’s Day(I know, shame on me!!) I am down to 68.7 kilos(10st 11.5lb) today!!

I am thrilled for a number of reasons:

1. I didn’t feel deprived at any point. I actually ate more than before and got to try many new and exciting recipes and flavours!

2. I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I actually did this at my own pace, eating whenever I felt hungry and exercising whenever I had time.

3. I have gained new friends from it and I have inspired old friends to start eating healthier too!!

This is a very exciting day 13, there are only 27 days left of this healthy living challenge!!


And happy spring, everybody!!


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  1. ionelaangelo says

    Felicitari!!! Da, e foarte incurajator cand ai asemenea rezultate!!
    O primavara frumoasa si tie 🙂

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