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Healthy Living Challenge: Day 28 – Going back to the basics

After writing my post yesterday I had a bit of time to reflect on the whys and I realised in the course of last week I made a few typical dieting mistakes:

1. I forgot to eat when it was time to eat and then I ended up eating too much/getting dizzy/eating the wrong things.

2. I forgot to drink plenty of fluids and as a consequence my bowel movement has been less regular.

3. I got lax about wheat and I pinched here and there things I shouldn’t have.

4. I didn’t plan as carefully my meals and I ended up eating less veggies than in the weeks before.

5. I got lazy and didn’t make time to exercise/blamed it on the weather.

6. I read too many dieting books but couldn’t synthesise all the information into one common philosophy, so to say.

So today I went back to the drawing board, so to say, and I mended a couple of things. For starters, I drank PLENTY. I made two teapots of herbal tea during the morning and kept myself hydrated(and warm!). Then I had plenty of short but timely light meals. I went back to rye bread and lastly, I braved the strong winds and the hail and returned ALL the dieting books to the library, except for Anna Richardson’s one, which is closest to my dieting philosophy.

Also made myself a very simple but nutritious salad with rocket leaves, beetroot, Gruyere cheese and cold meats.  Mmmm…

This is day 28 of this 40-day-healthy-living-challenge and I am back on track! Excited about the last bit of this challenge!



    • Yey, I’ll be doing loads more once baby is out, honestly too big, hot and bothered at the moment to even cook daily, the shame..xx

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