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Romanian soup and tips for your fussy eaters

The weather has turned bad on us. Hey, it’s October, right,  so it has every right to do so(pun intended)! In our household October equals excitement on various levels. For one thing, daddy bear starts to feel a bit better concerning the weather and starts to enjoy things more. He suffers from what I call seasonal and locational melancholy from May until the end of September: he misses his home country, the sunshine and the warmth and only recovers from mourning for it once the weather turns cooler there as well… Emma starts getting excited come September about a couple of things: the imminent(for her!) birthday celebrations in November and Halloween. Of course, the older she gets, the more she understands and wants to participate in Halloween as a dress-up, have-fun celebration and she gets truly excited at the thought of witch lollipops( yes, Mothercare do them!), chocolate pumpkin treats(Home Bargains, 67p per bag of 20) and not-so-scary lanterns in the house. As for me, it’s comfort food cooking season! This year, the pumpkin craze …

Healthy Living Challenge: Day 35 – Don’t fear fats!

I think this is the lesson I learned since my last weigh-in. It paradoxically took an increase of fat consumption in my diet to lose weight last week!! My explanation? We have been told that veggies and fruit are great for losing that extra weight but losing weight depends to a great extent on an efficient daily elimination of the ingested food. I found that in my case water doesn’t have enough lubricant effect necessary in the elimination process and that fats like avocado, extra virgin olive oil and even “bad” fats like pork pancetta and bacon had a favourable effect. This is not medical advice so please don’t go blaming me if this doesn’t work in your case. This is what works for me and has helped me go down another notch this week, from 68.5 to 67.6! Stay healthy, eat well and don’t ditch the bacon ;-). Talk soon!                                                         I now add olive tapenade, curried coleslaw or a dash of olive oil to my salads. Delish!

Healthy Living Challenge:Day 31 – Cold Days

It’s no news anymore, we have a second winter in Northern Ireland. I even bought a slow cooker this week, this is how serious it is! The butternut squash I had in my cupboard and was planning to use in a curry ended up as soup today. Emma loves pumpkin soup so I decided to give this a try and see if I can fool her into trying a new veggie. Baaah, she tasted it immediately and refused to eat but I loved it so much I decided to share the recipe with you! Just sauté an onion in half a tablespoon of coconut oil  and water to cover until the onion is soft. Add your peeled, de-seeded and chopped squash( I used a medium sized one from Tesco’s). Add half a litre of stock (it should cover the squash) and let it boil until soft. Liquidise in a blender. Add a bit of nutmeg. Serve! I love the sweetness of the butternut squash combined with the subtle fragrance of the coconut oil. A low-calorie(125 …

Healthy Living Challenge: Day 28 – Going back to the basics

After writing my post yesterday I had a bit of time to reflect on the whys and I realised in the course of last week I made a few typical dieting mistakes: 1. I forgot to eat when it was time to eat and then I ended up eating too much/getting dizzy/eating the wrong things. 2. I forgot to drink plenty of fluids and as a consequence my bowel movement has been less regular. 3. I got lax about wheat and I pinched here and there things I shouldn’t have. 4. I didn’t plan as carefully my meals and I ended up eating less veggies than in the weeks before. 5. I got lazy and didn’t make time to exercise/blamed it on the weather. 6. I read too many dieting books but couldn’t synthesise all the information into one common philosophy, so to say. So today I went back to the drawing board, so to say, and I mended a couple of things. For starters, I drank PLENTY. I made two teapots of herbal tea …

Healthy Living Challenge: Day 27 – New Weight Plateau

Yeap, I reached another one and this one is not budging. 68.4 for the last week and a half. It hasn’t helped that the weather has been darn cold and I wasn’t able to go out anywhere. Have you experienced plateaux when trying to lose weight? What were the solutions that worked for you? I am half way there with my weight loss but it would be nice to kick start my metabolism again and be 65 kilos by the time I hit the beach. Please help! This is a frustrating day 27, only 13 days of this healthy living challenge! I was actually 63.5 in this one but it’s just about how I aim to look this summer!